Types Of On-line Dating – What is right for you

Posted on10 Aug 2012

When someone thinks of an online dating site they’re likely thinking of a matchmaking site that has you fill out a profile and matches you with potential partners based on your answers. That’s just one type of site though and as the business of online dating matures you’ll see more and different types of sites pop up. Right now there are three basic types and we’ll explain them here.

The first is the aforementioned matchmaking site. They’re built on profiles, questionnaires, and an algorithm that matches you up based on your answers to those questions and your profiles. Within this type of online dating site there are different approaches, though, just as there are different approaches to matchmaking in the real world. Some sites are built on the notion that like-minded people are more likely to build a long-lasting relationship foundation together, so they match you up with people that feel the same way about most issues. Others, however, find that opposites often do attract and they go a slightly different route. The truth of the matter is that it’s the deep, often subconscious desires that bring us together and we have little control over attraction based on those desires and issues. That makes it difficult to matchmaking sites that work off of a profile and questions to bring people together perfectly but some sites are beginning to dig deep. Some have thousands of potential questions to answer and you should know that the more answers you give the more likely you are to end up with a great match on every level, not just the surface stuff.

Event sites offer an interesting alternative to the matchmaking dating sites. They still let you browse profiles and email people, but they’re far less focused on having you answer questions to match you up. Instead, they hold events in your local area where you can meet other members, chat in a safe environment, and make dates with them when you get home. You get everyone’s information and can look them up online and contact them for more time together if you enjoyed your experience at the event. It’s a brilliant melding of online dating with real world dating because it takes away all the stress of going to a bar with the intent of meeting someone and taking chances on talking to people. Instead of having to put yourself out there and risk utter rejection you show up knowing that everyone is doing the same thing, everyone is going to talk to you, and no one is going to judge you, throw a drink on you, or tell you to buzz off just because you’re looking to land a date. This is a relatively new form of online dating but it’s picking up steam as more sites roll it out and people grow more familiar and comfortable with it.

Last but not least are the personal sites . These feel similar to matchmaking sites but they give you greater choice in who you want to date while also making you do more work in finding those potential dates. Matchmaking sites largely forbid you from browsing the listings and instead offer you matches that you can contact. On a personals sites you’re free to look through every potential date, message anyone you want, and make dates all on your own. The match percentage is roughly the same between personals and matchmaking sites so neither offers a particular advantage. It’s all about what makes you feel most comfortable and what kind of dating you want to do. You could try all three types of sites if you’re really serious about finding a mate or hooking up.


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